Eurozone macroeconomics.
From the political heart of Europe.

Europe currently faces multiple political and economic crises

The clarity and consistency of policymaking in Europe has changed as a result of these interconnected threats with political decisions playing an ever larger role in determining economic outcomes and investment returns.

We provide macroeconomic and political analysis for investors with exposure to euro denominated assets for investment and risk management purposes.


3 Reasons Why


Our research is completely impartial. We sell no other financial products and instead focus on providing thoughtful, insightful and timely analysis.


Our analysis is bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of the client, covering the economic and financial scenarios investors are likely to face, and the implications for asset pricing and portfolio management.


We are based in the capitals which matter and have a deep understanding of the political reaction function and its impact on the macro environment.

Politics vs. Markets

With support for mainstream political parties falling and governments facing multiple crises, investors require precisient advice.

Our analysis is focused on the nexus between politics and markets. It provides forwarning of risks and guides investors through rapidly changing times.